This is your home town. Lets be a strong community.

be part of it


Be sure and clear on what you are seeing. Is it out of the ordinary? Double check, be sure, make a note. Just having a small notepad handy may be useful later on.


We need to know and acknowledge our neighbours. Knowing the faces that goes with a neighbourhood makes it easier to spot those who look out of sorts.


If the time ever comes that you are witnessing a crime, then you need to report it. Your first point of contact is to call 911 and gather as much information from where you are. That is the absolute of being part of the Alliston Neighbourhood Watch.


The greatest tool we have is knowledge. In communicating and sharing with our community we keep each other abreast of current events allowing the neighbourhood to be that much safer and alert.

If you ever go through the “R” and have to report something, be sure to share it with the rest of the teams so we too can be in the loop.

Neighbourhood Watch : Some History

Since 1982, in some cases even earlier, Neighbourhood Watch programs have been growing around the world. Many communities participate in such programs and have reaped great rewards and prevented a great deal of crime in doing so.

It is our goal to establish a strong community network to create a system where we can all watch each others’ back while at the same time still enjoying life while living in this great town. Alliston has that small town feel to it still even though we are becoming more and more modern with each passing year. The growth has been unprecedented, but, with a bit of effort on by as many as will participate, we can have both!

Join the effort and become part of your areas’ Neighbourhood Watch. This will bring the communities closer together for years to come. This is about our families, our homes, our town and in keeping it safe.

Truth is we do live in one of the safest communities around. But, we are one of the fastest growing areas also. We have all been effected by impacts of recent crimes in our neighbourhoods. Time we do something for ourselves.

What will you do?

The job of a law enforcement officer is just that; to Enforce the laws on the books before them. After that it goes to the courts to deem justice on wrongdoers. Always keep that in mind. The end result of a proceeding isn’t left to the enforcers, it is the courts.

Our community is what can make us stronger and prevent the crimes we have witnessed happening. We all need to participate in a clearly defined role all working towards the ultimate effifiency of the whole. When we do that, united, we begin to negate the mindset of criminals.

Teamwork is critical to have a successful Neighbourhood Watch. We need support to complete tasks such as rotations. We need to encourage each other and work together for the common goal.

Let’s work together, let’s build together to become united and strong as a community.