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Humboldt Broncos: In The Heart of Canada

Humboldt Broncos: In the Heart of Canada

On April 6th all of our attention was compelled to small town I have been to twice in my life. Humboldt Saskatchewan. Six thousand people located in the mid west who love the game of hockey and what it brings to a young person as they develop.

As we all now know the reason for such a compulsion to pay attention was due to the tragic event and loss the Humboldt Bronco hockey club and their direct community suffered. No question, all of Canada shares in one heart and emotion over such a disastrous incident. The impact has been nationwide.

Those of us at the Alliston Neighbourhood Watch perch a stick on the porch and salute those in Humboldt and all those across Canada, who as we know there are many as the kids’ families span many provinces, with a want for you all to know you have our hearts to lean on. Lives have been cut short only too soon and the lives of those effected bruised forever. All Canada shares in one heart with you now.

Our heads are bowed, we pray for your healing for now and the time to come.


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