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Why is Neighbourhood Watch Important to Participate In?

Too often, as a society, we assume that problem issues around us to be either “the police are there to deal with it problem” or “somebody else can deal with it” concern. We know this to be true because we all have done it, haven’t we?

It’s okay to say you have, as most of us have. In this day and age when you witness or are aware of something going wrong in your neighbourhood or community it is too risky to deal with the troublemakers one on one. As a matter of fact, DON’T!

With that understanding it only makes sense to participate in a Neighbourhood Watch. It takes very little to be more aware of your surroundings, getting to know your neighbours and sharing in thoughts and ideas for your community. Really, not much time at all let alone cost.

The key element is to Observe/Assess/Report/Share. Those four key elements will enable your response from the police to be more concise than without it.  The police cannot be in the know of all things going on in a community and when neighbourhoods have extra eyes and ears perked up it helps to remove those wrongdoers much quicker and more permanently.

Here are some benefits of having you as part of our Alliston Neighbourhood Watch team!

  • Safe Communities

    • Prevents Crimes

    • Brings Communities together

    • Sense of Responsibility to one another

    • Community building and working together

    • Stronger relationships with the OPP New Tecumseth Dispatch

    • Awareness to the bad-people and it will deter them from attempting crimes with Neighbourhood Watch signs posted

  • Creates Awareness

    • Higher sense of awareness of what is going on around your community

    • Generates a higher ‘warm welcome’ to visitors, family and guests when they know the area they are visiting has a community watching out for them

    • A greater sense of communication between neighbours is enacted as neighbours become more acquainted with one another

  • Allows for Important Discussions

    • When that stronger tie to one another is established, over time, open conversations can happen on other matters and things that maybe the community wishes to do as a group, like a street sale and BBQ

    • Speed is always an issue on streets where there are not sidewalks.

    • This could be another discussion that is started as a result of the creation of a Neighbourhood Watch. Remember, speeding is an offense too!

    • It brings people together as mentioned and therefore allows for topics and other community matters that maybe would not be talked about to be able to be tabled.

    • Neighbourhood Watch has a primary focus on crime, however, Neighbourhood Watch can be for anything really. Did the garbage man skip your place? Who saw it? Did the courier drop your package then just toss it to your door when you weren’t home? Who saw it? This is another benefit of Neighbourhood Watch. Sometimes you might get a heads up on something aside from crime that happened that could be a benefit to you.


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